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FRIED GRAM (Pottukadalai) POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI Kozhukatti ( Rice dumpling ) is very common in South India and are identified by different names in different states. Pooranam kozhukattai is a stuffed recipe covered with rice flour. Kozhukattai is usually made during Vinayagar Chadhurthi festival. Today I am sharing an easy pooranam (stuffing) made with fried gram.…… Continue reading FRIED GRAM (Pottukadalai) POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI


CANDIED PEANUTS – Caramelized Sugar Peanuts

CANDIED PEANUTS – Caramelized Sugar Peanuts / Groundnuts Candied Peanuts / Caramelized Peanuts / Sugar Coated Peanuts are known by different names. It is the easiest snack ever and absolutely scrumptious. These candied peanuts are crunchy and very satisfying. You can top it with Salt / Cinnamon / Paprika / Vanilla Essence / Orange zest…… Continue reading CANDIED PEANUTS – Caramelized Sugar Peanuts

Festival Recipe · Snack

THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai

THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai Kozhukattai is a famous South Indian dumpling made using rice flour as a main ingredient. It can be prepared in sweet and savoury flavours. These dumplings are often prepared during Vinayagar Chathurthi festival as an offering to Lord Ganesha. Today I am sharing a sweet stuffing made with coconut…… Continue reading THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai

Podi Varieties

FLAX SEED PODI – Flax Seed Chutney Powder

FLAX SEED PODI – Flax Seed Chutney Powder Flax seeds(Aali Vidhai in tamil) are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and loaded with Vitamin B1. These are considered as one of the healthy foods all over the world. You can add flax seeds to Smoothies, Salads, Pasta and many food recipes. Today I…… Continue reading FLAX SEED PODI – Flax Seed Chutney Powder

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ONION BAJJI – Thool Bajji / Instant Snack

ONION BAJJI – Thool Bajji / Instant Snack Bajjji is a deep fried recipe. You can see variety of bajji in tea shops all over South India. Thool Bajji is a simple tea time snack using onion and besan flour as main ingredient. This thool bajji is very instant that you can prepare while making…… Continue reading ONION BAJJI – Thool Bajji / Instant Snack


CHANA KURMA – Kondai Kadalai Kurma

CHANA KURMA – Sundal / kondai kadalai Kurma  Chana ( Chickpea / sundal / konda kadalai ) kurma is tasty curry prepared using coconut paste with other spices. This Kurma recipe can be served with cooked rice, Idly, Dosa, Chapati, poori and other roti varieties. According to your Main dish adjust the consistency of this…… Continue reading CHANA KURMA – Kondai Kadalai Kurma



PEANUT / GROUNDNUT CHUTNEY Chutney is a creamy side dish that is served with idly, dosa varieties or many Indian breakfast recipe. Peanut(Groundnut) chutney is slightly tangy, spicy and nutty in taste. You can prepare this chutney with coconut or without coconut. Both tastes delicious. Today I am posting the chutney with coconut version. SERVING…… Continue reading PEANUT / GROUNDNUT CHUTNEY