Easy Mooli Paratha – Radish Paratha

Easy Mooli Paratha – Radish Paratha Mooli(Radish) paratha is usually made with radish stuffing inside chapati dough. Instead of Stuffed version today I am posting a simple and easy version of radish paratha. You do not need any special side dish for this paratha. It simply goes well with curd and pickle. SERVING SUGGESTION : Lunch/Dinner with chutney of your choice. Lunch/Dinner with curd/yogurt and … Continue reading Easy Mooli Paratha – Radish Paratha


POTATO CHAPATI Chapati is an Indian flat bread made with wheat flour.Chapati is like daily recipe for North Indians. There are N number of chapati varieties. Potato chapati is simple and tasty recipe. Kids will love it. You can prepare it for breakfast/dinner or as a snack for evening time. The preparation is slightly vary from Aloo paratha recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve simply with … Continue reading POTATO CHAPATI – Aloo Chapati