CHANA KURMA – Kondai Kadalai Kurma

CHANA KURMA – Sundal / kondai kadalai Kurma  Chana ( Chickpea / sundal / konda kadalai ) kurma is tasty curry prepared using coconut paste with other spices. This Kurma recipe can be served with cooked rice, Idly, Dosa, Chapati, poori and other roti varieties. According to your Main dish adjust the consistency of this…… Continue reading CHANA KURMA – Kondai Kadalai Kurma



PEANUT / GROUNDNUT CHUTNEY Chutney is a creamy side dish that is served with idly, dosa varieties or many Indian breakfast recipe. Peanut(Groundnut) chutney is slightly tangy, spicy and nutty in taste. You can prepare this chutney with coconut or without coconut. Both tastes delicious. Today I am posting the chutney with coconut version. SERVING…… Continue reading PEANUT / GROUNDNUT CHUTNEY


BEETROOT STIR FRY – Beetroot Poriyal

BEETROOT STIR FRY – Beetroot Poriyal Beetroot is rich in Vitamin C. It is also loaded with Iron, Protein and other minerals. It is good to add beetroot in your weekly menu. Beetroot stir-fry is simple side dish for white rice or chapati. Beetroot is sweet in nature. Today I am posting a spicy version…… Continue reading BEETROOT STIR FRY – Beetroot Poriyal


CARROT PORIYAL – Grated Carrot Stir Fry

CARROT PORIYAL – Grated Carrot Stir Fry Carrot is a very common vegetable. Eating fresh carrot is really a healthy habit. Grated Carrot stir fry/ Carrot poriyal is an easy and simple South Indian side dish recipe. When you have less time for preparing lunch box, do this carrot poriyal and simply mix cooked white…… Continue reading CARROT PORIYAL – Grated Carrot Stir Fry


ONION RAITA – Vengaya Thayir Pachadi

ONION RAITA – Vengaya Thayir Pachadi Raita is a simple side dish recipe made with curd/yogurt. Various raita variety can be prepared. Onion raita is very commonly served with Biryani and Pulao varieties. It also goes well with stuffed chapati also. Basically when you eat something spicy this raita will be a good side dish.…… Continue reading ONION RAITA – Vengaya Thayir Pachadi