Chettinad Baby Potato Fry

Chettinad Baby Potato Fry Chettiand Cuisine is famous down the south in India. The secret of their recipes are they use freshly ground spices for most of the cooking. It gives an amazing flavor to the food. I have already posted a quick Potato fry and Potato fry with onion and tomato. Today I am posting a simple chettinad baby potato recipe. I learnt this … Continue reading Chettinad Baby Potato Fry

SOYA CHUNKS FRY – Meal Maker Fry

SOYA CHUNKS FRY – Meal Maker Fry Soya Chunks / Meal maker fry is a dry recipe which is usually served with roti, chapati or even with steamed rice with Sambar, dal or rasam. Usually I prepare soya chunks recipes when literally no veges available in my kitchen. A simple rasam rice or curd rice with this nutritious side dish makes a good lunch. You may … Continue reading SOYA CHUNKS FRY – Meal Maker Fry

POTATO FRY – Urulai kilangu Varuval

POTATO FRY – Urulai kilangu Varuval Potato is very common in every household all around the world. Today I am posting a easy and tasty South Indian Potato Fry recipe. I am adding tomato to this which makes this recipe a little bit tangy in taste. Usually potato fry is made either by shallow frying   or deep frying the potato. But this recipe needs … Continue reading POTATO FRY – Urulai kilangu Varuval

BAINGAN FRY – Eggplant Fry

BAINGAN FRY – Eggplant Fry Baingan fry is very delicious recipe. I learnt this recipe from one of my good friend from North India. Basically this is a Bengali recipe. It is very easy to prepare and goes well with rice or chapati as side dish. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as side dish for white rice with sambar, rasam or Curd. Serve as side dish … Continue reading BAINGAN FRY – Eggplant Fry