CHANA / CHICKPEA SUNDAL Chickpea/Chana is a legume. This sundal recipe is quite simple and it is usually prepared during Navratri, Vinayagar chadhurthi and other festivals. This is a perfect healthy snack during any time of the day. If it is not for a festival day, you could add onions for this recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Snack. AUTHOR : Dimple            … Continue reading CHANA / CHICKPEA SUNDAL

CHANA KURMA – Kondai Kadalai Kurma

CHANA KURMA – Sundal / kondai kadalai Kurma  Chana ( Chickpea / sundal / konda kadalai ) kurma is tasty curry prepared using coconut paste with other spices. This Kurma recipe can be served with cooked rice, Idly, Dosa, Chapati, poori and other roti varieties. According to your Main dish adjust the consistency of this kurma. If you are serving with chapati, poori or roti … Continue reading CHANA KURMA – Kondai Kadalai Kurma