GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal

GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal/masiyal Green moong dal ( Pachai payaru in tamil ) is good source of protein and low carbs food. We can prepare various recipes using moong dal. This moong dal curry is very easy to prepare. Adding lentils to our daily food routine makes us healthy. SERVING SUGGESTION :…… Continue reading GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal


RAJMA CURRY -Kidney Beans Curry

RAJMA CURRY  Rajma (Red kidney beans) Curry is a famous North Indian recipe. Kidney beans vary in sizes. Avoid buying large beans since it takes much time to cook than normal beans. Also the gravy will not get absorbed into the large bean easily. SERVING SUGGESTION : Served with Steamed rice, Zeera Pulao, Chapati, Coconut…… Continue reading RAJMA CURRY -Kidney Beans Curry


VEGETABLE KURMA – Pressure Cooker kurma

VEGETABLE KURMA Kurma is a common south Indian recipe. Main ingredient used here is coconut paste. This mixed vegetable kurma is one of the colourful and tasty vegetarian recipe. It is simple and delicious. SERVING SUGGESTION : Side dish for chapati, poori, paratha and pulao varieties. AUTHOR : Dimple              …… Continue reading VEGETABLE KURMA – Pressure Cooker kurma