MASALA KADALAI – Spicy Fried Peanut

MASALA KADALAI – Spicy Fried Peanut Masala Peanut is a tasty and crunchy snack. During my childhood days, we had some street vendor selling these masala kadai and other snacks on the street at evening time. We use to wait for them and enjoy this snack. Nowadays, no such vendor exists. But no worries. It…… Continue reading MASALA KADALAI – Spicy Fried Peanut


DRUMSTICK MASALA – Murungaikkai Poriyal with Coconut Paste

DRUMSTICK MASALA – Murungaikkai Poriyal with Coconut Paste Drumstick is one of my favourite vegetable. It gives very good flavor when added to sambar and other kuzhambu varieties. Today I am posting a side dish recipe using drumstick. The consistency of this drumstick masala is neither dry nor gravy. Drumstick will be coated with some…… Continue reading DRUMSTICK MASALA – Murungaikkai Poriyal with Coconut Paste


Easy Mooli Paratha – Radish Paratha

Easy Mooli Paratha – Radish Paratha Mooli(Radish) paratha is usually made with radish stuffing inside chapati dough. Instead of Stuffed version today I am posting a simple and easy version of radish paratha. You do not need any special side dish for this paratha. It simply goes well with curd and pickle. SERVING SUGGESTION :…… Continue reading Easy Mooli Paratha – Radish Paratha