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FRIED GRAM (Pottukadalai) POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI Kozhukatti ( Rice dumpling ) is very common in South India and are identified by different names in different states. Pooranam kozhukattai is a stuffed recipe covered with rice flour. Kozhukattai is usually made during Vinayagar Chadhurthi festival. Today I am sharing an easy pooranam (stuffing) made with fried gram.…… Continue reading FRIED GRAM (Pottukadalai) POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI

Festival Recipe · Snack

THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai

THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai Kozhukattai is a famous South Indian dumpling made using rice flour as a main ingredient. It can be prepared in sweet and savoury flavours. These dumplings are often prepared during Vinayagar Chathurthi festival as an offering to Lord Ganesha. Today I am sharing a sweet stuffing made with coconut…… Continue reading THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai

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KAMBU KOZHUKATTAI – Pearl Millet Kozhukattai

KAMBU KOZHUKATTAI – Pearl Millet Kozhukattai Koozhukattai is very easy and famous South Indian recipe. Usually we prepare different variety of kozhukattai during Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Today I am posting Pidi kozhukattai recipe.  It is one of the healthy snack. To make it more healthier we are going to prepare this with Pearl Millet(kambu). Try…… Continue reading KAMBU KOZHUKATTAI – Pearl Millet Kozhukattai


ARISI PAYASAM – Rice Payasam

ARISI PAYASAM – Rice Payasam  Payasam is quick and delicious Indian Dessert. Arisi payasam is a traditional recipe which we prepare during auspicious/festival days. This is easy to prepare and it is yummy. SERVING SUGGESTIONS : Serve as Dessert. AUTHOR : Dimple                   CUISINE : South Indian…… Continue reading ARISI PAYASAM – Rice Payasam


SUYYAM – Sweet with Channa Dal

SUYYAM – Channa Dal Sweet (Sukhiyan, Susiyam, Seeyam) Suyyam is a deep fried sweet snack famous in South India known by various names in different regions. During festival seasons like Diwali and Avani Avitam we prepare this sweet. A filling is made with channa dal, jaggery and coconut. This filling is coated with maida(all purpose…… Continue reading SUYYAM – Sweet with Channa Dal


MOONG DAL LADOO – Pasiparupu laddu

MOONG DAL LADOO Ladoo/Laddu is a famous and traditional Indian Sweet/Dessert. We prepare ladoo during festival seasons and for special guests. Especially as a welcome sweet for newly coming bride/ bridegroom. This Yummy Moong dal ladoo can be prepared in short time with less ingredients. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as a snack for guests or…… Continue reading MOONG DAL LADOO – Pasiparupu laddu