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KAMBU KOZHUKATTAI – Pearl Millet Kozhukattai

KAMBU KOZHUKATTAI – Pearl Millet Kozhukattai Koozhukattai is very easy and famous South Indian recipe. Usually we prepare different variety of kozhukattai during Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Today I am posting Pidi kozhukattai recipe.  It is one of the healthy snack. To make it more healthier we are going to prepare this with Pearl Millet(kambu). Try…… Continue reading KAMBU KOZHUKATTAI – Pearl Millet Kozhukattai

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FOXTAIL MILLET BIRYANI – Thinai Biryani Millets are gluten-free and easily digestible grains. Foxtail Millet (Thinai in Tamil and Korra in Telugu) helps lowering blood cholesterol. Millets are packed with good amount of protein and fiber.  Many people are thinking that millets are boring and tasteless food. But it is absolutely not true. We can prepare…… Continue reading FOXTAIL MILLET BIRYANI – Thinai Biryani

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RAGI PUTTU – Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet) Puttu

RAGI PUTTU – Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet) Puttu Ragi (Kezhvaragu/ Finger Millet/ Keppai/ Ragulu) is one of the most healthy cereals. It has high protein content and good source of calcium. This is one of the highly nutritious millet. It reverts skin ageing and keeps you young. Ragi controls diabetes. It is advisable to add Ragi in…… Continue reading RAGI PUTTU – Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet) Puttu



MULTI-LENTIL CREPES – Adai Dosa Lentils are small but they contains high nutritious value. This multi lentil dosa is rich in Protein and Iron content. This dosa is a good idea for making kids to have lentils. It is easy, quick and also very healthy breakfast recipe.. Just soak lentils overnight. Prepare batter and make dosa…… Continue reading MULTI-LENTIL CREPES – Adai Dosa

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BESANWALI BHINDI – Okra with Besan

BESANWALI BHINDI – Okra with Besan Okra ( Bhindi / Lady’s Finger / Vendakkai ) is a low calorie vegetable. Besan means gram flour and bhindi is okra. Besanwali bhindi is cooking okra along with besan flour and other spices. Choose fresh and small okra for this recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as side dish…… Continue reading BESANWALI BHINDI – Okra with Besan