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DRY FRUITS LADOO – Dates and Nuts Laddu

DRY FRUITS LADOO – Dates and Nuts Laddu Ladoo/Laddu is a popular sweet / Dessert in India. Different kind of ladoos are available. I have already posted Moong Dal ladoo recipe made with split yellow moong dal and sugar. Today I am posting a Sugar Free sweet recipe. All ingredients used here are healthy and nutritious.…… Continue reading DRY FRUITS LADOO – Dates and Nuts Laddu


PEANUT SNACK – Verkadalai Sundal

PEANUT SNACK – Verkadalai / Groundnut Sundal Peanut Sundal is an easy, healthy and filling snack recipe. I have already posted Peanut Chaat, Masala Kadalai , Candied Peanuts and other peanut recipes. Today I am sharing this simple evening snack as Navratri Festival special. Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated for 9 days. Sundal is…… Continue reading PEANUT SNACK – Verkadalai Sundal

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THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai

THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai Kozhukattai is a famous South Indian dumpling made using rice flour as a main ingredient. It can be prepared in sweet and savoury flavours. These dumplings are often prepared during Vinayagar Chathurthi festival as an offering to Lord Ganesha. Today I am sharing a sweet stuffing made with coconut…… Continue reading THENKAI POORANAM KOZHUKATTAI – Coconut Stuffed Kozhukattai


SWEET PANIYARAM – Instant Banana Paniyaram using Wheat Flour

SWEET PANIYARAM – Instant Banana Paniyaram using Wheat Flour Paniyaram is a common South Indian recipe. You need Paniyaram pan to prepare this recipe. Sweet and savoury version of paniyaram are very famous street food. Usually paniyaram is prepared using well fermented Idly batter. When you wanna eat paniyaram and there is no idly batter,…… Continue reading SWEET PANIYARAM – Instant Banana Paniyaram using Wheat Flour

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HEALTHY PEANUT CHAAT – Kadalai Chaat Chaat is my all time favourite recipe. Peanut chaat is very healthy and delicious. It is a perfect tea time snack. It is simple and easy to prepare. If you have boiled peanuts ready, you can prepare this yummy chaat within minutes. Try other tea time snacks Spinach Pakoda, Potato…… Continue reading HEALTHY PEANUT CHAAT – Kadalai Chaat

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RAGI PUTTU – Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet) Puttu

RAGI PUTTU – Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet) Puttu Ragi (Kezhvaragu/ Finger Millet/ Keppai/ Ragulu) is one of the most healthy cereals. It has high protein content and good source of calcium. This is one of the highly nutritious millet. It reverts skin ageing and keeps you young. Ragi controls diabetes. It is advisable to add Ragi in…… Continue reading RAGI PUTTU – Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet) Puttu