DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar

DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar Sambar is very common and popular South Indian recipe which is usually served with rice, idly, dosa and vada. You can use any vegetable or combination of vegetables for this recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve with white rice. Any vegetable fry or porial will go well with this. Serve with…… Continue reading DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar


ONION TOMATO CHUTNEY – Idly/Dosa Side dish

ONION TOMATO CHUTNEY  Chutney is like everyday recipe in South Indian cooking. Onion tomato chutney is very common among those. It is good with idly, dosa, rava dosa and many breakfast items. You can adjust the quantity  of ingredients according to your preference. SERVING SUGGESTION : Side dish for Idly, dosa, rava dosa. AUTHOR :…… Continue reading ONION TOMATO CHUTNEY – Idly/Dosa Side dish