PASI PARUPPU PAYASAM – Split Yellow Moong Dal Kheer

PASI PARUPPU PAYASAM – Split Yellow Moong Dal Kheer Payasam/Kheer is a delicious Indian Dessert. Moong dal payasam / Pasiparupu  payasam is traditionally prepared during festival seasons as prasadam / neivedyam(religious offering). It is very easy to prepare this recipe. If you are looking for other traditional dessert recipes, check here. Arisi Payasam, Suyyam, Moong…… Continue reading PASI PARUPPU PAYASAM – Split Yellow Moong Dal Kheer

Dessert · Snack

SWEET SOMAS – Karchikai / Karanji

SWEET SOMAS – Karchikai / Karanji Somas is one of my favourite Snack. During the festival of Diwali we prepare many sweets. Preparing somas takes some time but it is worth of it. Somas is a deep fried recipe. It has a Crunchy outer later with sweet stuffing inside commonly called as puranam in South…… Continue reading SWEET SOMAS – Karchikai / Karanji


ARISI PAYASAM – Rice Payasam

ARISI PAYASAM – Rice Payasam  Payasam is quick and delicious Indian Dessert. Arisi payasam is a traditional recipe which we prepare during auspicious/festival days. This is easy to prepare and it is yummy. SERVING SUGGESTIONS : Serve as Dessert. AUTHOR : Dimple                   CUISINE : South Indian…… Continue reading ARISI PAYASAM – Rice Payasam


MOONG DAL LADOO – Pasiparupu laddu

MOONG DAL LADOO Ladoo/Laddu is a famous and traditional Indian Sweet/Dessert. We prepare ladoo during festival seasons and for special guests. Especially as a welcome sweet for newly coming bride/ bridegroom. This Yummy Moong dal ladoo can be prepared in short time with less ingredients. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as a snack for guests or…… Continue reading MOONG DAL LADOO – Pasiparupu laddu