MASALA IDLI UPMA – Leftover Idli |Peas Carrot Idli

MASALA IDLI UPMA – Leftover Idli |Carrot Idli | Peas Idli Idli is a popular and very common South Indian recipe. Leftover idlis are also common in every kitchen. You can simply reheat the leftover idlis and have it or you could make it more interesting like this. Masala Idli upma is quick and easy recipe to make leftovers more flavorful. I am adding peas, … Continue reading MASALA IDLI UPMA – Leftover Idli |Peas Carrot Idli

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffins Chocolate chip muffins are delicious snack. This is an easy recipe where you don’t need any fancy stand mixer or even hand mixer. Chocolate chips are yummy. You can use semi chocolate or dark chocolate chips, even milk chocolate or butterscotch chip goes well in this recipe. I am using a mix of semi-chocolate chips and butterscotch chip. SERVING SUGGESTION : After … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Muffins


POTATO CHAPATI Chapati is an Indian flat bread made with wheat flour.Chapati is like daily recipe for North Indians. There are N number of chapati varieties. Potato chapati is simple and tasty recipe. Kids will love it. You can prepare it for breakfast/dinner or as a snack for evening time. The preparation is slightly vary from Aloo paratha recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve simply with … Continue reading POTATO CHAPATI – Aloo Chapati

LEMON RICE – LunchBox Recipe

LEMON RICE Lemon Rice is very simple and quick variety rice. It is quite common in South India. It is easy to prepare with simple ingredients in very short time. One of the standard and preferred lunchbox recipe.   SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve it with vada, papadam, potato fry or any fried vegetable, kootu. Egg Masala also goes well with lemon rice. AUTHOR : Dimple … Continue reading LEMON RICE – LunchBox Recipe