MUSHROOM COCONUT CURRY  Mushroom gravy / Mushroom Curry / Mushroom Coconut Masala is a spicy and delicious recipe. This curry is best when served with chapati / Naan / Roti / Paratha or even with jeera pulao and pulao varieties. Adding coconut to this curry gives scrumptious taste to the mushrooms. While using mushrooms make sure you wash it thoroughly with water. You may like … Continue reading MUSHROOM COCONUT CURRY

MATAR PANEER -Mattar Paneer Recipe

MATAR PANEER -Mattar Paneer Recipe / Paneer Mutter Recipe Matar paneer is a popular North Indian curry which is served with Naan, roti, paratha or Chapati. It is quick, easy and delicious recipe. Matar paneer is a simple curry prepared using paneer and peas. Usually it is served with roti dishes. But it goes well with Pulao varieties. If you are looking for other Paneer … Continue reading MATAR PANEER -Mattar Paneer Recipe