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FISH KUZHAMBU – Tamarind Fish Curry

FISH KUZHAMBU – Tamarind Fish Curry / Meen Kuzhambu / South Indian Fish Curry Meen kuzhambu is a famous South Indian Fish curry using tamarind. Always make sure you prepare this curry at least 2 hours before serving. The resting helps the fish to absorb the spices well. Any fish goes well for this recipe.…… Continue reading FISH KUZHAMBU – Tamarind Fish Curry



KATHIRIKAI PULI KUZHAMBU – Brinjal(Eggplant) Curry Kathirikai Puli kuzhambu is a tasty South Indian curry which is served with rice. This is spicy and more flavourful kuzhambu recipe. Usually this recipe is made using small sized whole brinjals with slits in between. But today I am using large brinjals and cut those into 4 halves.…… Continue reading KATHIRIKAI PULI KUZHAMBU – Brinjal Curry

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SAKKARAI PONGAL – Sweet Pongal Sakkarai Pongal is a delicious sweet recipe made with rice, jaggery and moong dal. In most of the South Indain Hindu temples this sweet is served as a Prasadam / Neivedhiyam. I have already posted Ven Pongal recipe, which is a popular South Indian Breakfast. Pongal is often made during auspicious…… Continue reading SAKKARAI PONGAL – Sweet Pongal

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POTATO CURRY WITH COCONUT – Urulaikizhangu Paal Curry

POTATO CURRY WITH COCONUT – Urulaikizhangu Paal Curry Paal (Milk) Curry is a traditional South Indian recipe. Adding milk to this curry makes it so rich and delicious. Potato is a common vegetable and it is most likely loved by people of all ages. This yummy potato paal curry can be seen in almost all…… Continue reading POTATO CURRY WITH COCONUT – Urulaikizhangu Paal Curry