PORI URUNDAI – Puffed Rice Balls / Murmura Ladoo

PORI URUNDAI – Puffed Rice Balls / Murmura Ladoo Pori urndai or murmura ladoo is a light and crunchy sweet recipe. I have shared Kara Pori recipe which is perfect during monsoon time. This puffed rice sweet ball is the one which you can enjoy during any time of the year. Pori urundai is one of my favourite snack during childhood days. In our place … Continue reading PORI URUNDAI – Puffed Rice Balls / Murmura Ladoo

KESAR BADAM KATLI -Almonds Saffron Burfi

KESAR BADAM KATLI -Almonds Saffron Burfi Badam sweets are very special and they tastes delicious in any form. I have already posted Badam Halwa recipe which is one of my favourite Dessert. Today I am sharing this Katli / Burfi recipe as Diwali special. Saffron makes it more colourful and adds richness to this recipe. Diwali is just round the corner and you may like other sweet … Continue reading KESAR BADAM KATLI -Almonds Saffron Burfi

DRY FRUITS LADOO – Dates and Nuts Laddu

DRY FRUITS LADOO – Dates and Nuts Laddu Ladoo/Laddu is a popular sweet / Dessert in India. Different kind of ladoos are available. I have already posted Moong Dal ladoo recipe made with split yellow moong dal and sugar. Today I am posting a Sugar Free sweet recipe. All ingredients used here are healthy and nutritious. Most of the sweets / desserts are made using sugar, … Continue reading DRY FRUITS LADOO – Dates and Nuts Laddu

MYSORE PAK – Indian Dessert

MYSORE PAK – Indian Dessert Mysore pak is a mouth watering Indian Dessert. This scrumptious sweet recipe is prepared using Besan flour, ghee, oil and sugar. The ratio of ingredients used is much important for getting the right texture. Adding oil to this recipe gives a unique texture. Some people use only ghee for this recipe. It depends on individual taste. Let us see the  … Continue reading MYSORE PAK – Indian Dessert


SAKKARAI PONGAL – Sweet Pongal Sakkarai Pongal is a delicious sweet recipe made with rice, jaggery and moong dal. In most of the South Indain Hindu temples this sweet is served as a Prasadam / Neivedhiyam. I have already posted Ven Pongal recipe, which is a popular South Indian Breakfast. Pongal is often made during auspicious days and special occasions. Today I am using pressure cooker … Continue reading SAKKARAI PONGAL – Sweet Pongal

BADAM HALWA – Almond Dessert

BADAM HALWA – Almond Dessert Badam / Almond halwa is a rich and yummy Indian Dessert made using almonds, milk, sugar and ghee. The cooking process is simple and it tastes delicious. This amazing dessert is favourite sweet for many pregnant woman. It is often made during Diwali festival and other important occasions. You may also like other Indian Desserts SERVING SUGGESTION : Dessert, Snack … Continue reading BADAM HALWA – Almond Dessert