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ONION BAJJI – Thool Bajji / Instant Snack

ONION BAJJI – Thool Bajji / Instant Snack Bajjji is a deep fried recipe. You can see variety of bajji in tea shops all over South India. Thool Bajji is a simple tea time snack using onion and besan flour as main ingredient. This thool bajji is very instant that you can prepare while making…… Continue reading ONION BAJJI – Thool Bajji / Instant Snack


MASALA KADALAI – Spicy Fried Peanut

MASALA KADALAI – Spicy Fried Peanut Masala Peanut is a tasty and crunchy snack. During my childhood days, we had some street vendor selling these masala kadai and other snacks on the street at evening time. We use to wait for them and enjoy this snack. Nowadays, no such vendor exists. But no worries. It…… Continue reading MASALA KADALAI – Spicy Fried Peanut

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HEALTHY PEANUT CHAAT – Kadalai Chaat Chaat is my all time favourite recipe. Peanut chaat is very healthy and delicious. It is a perfect tea time snack. It is simple and easy to prepare. If you have boiled peanuts ready, you can prepare this yummy chaat within minutes. Try other tea time snacks Spinach Pakoda, Potato…… Continue reading HEALTHY PEANUT CHAAT – Kadalai Chaat

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KEERAI PAKODA – SPINACH PAKODA Spinach/keerai pakoda is very quick, easy and crispy recipe. You can use any green leaves for this recipe but spinach/palak tastes delicious. This is one of the easiest and healthy pakoda. We can enjoy this as a tea time snack or as a starter for parties. If you are looking…… Continue reading KEERAI PAKODA – SPINACH PAKODA

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VAZHAKAI DEEP FRY- Raw Banana Deep Fry

VAZHAKAI DEEP FRY – Raw Banana Deep Fry Vazhakai chips is a common recipe. This vazhakai deep fry is slightly varied from the procedure of vazhakai chips. This is crunchy and tasty recipe. Adjust spice level according to your taste. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as Tea time Snack. Serve as side dish for any rice…… Continue reading VAZHAKAI DEEP FRY- Raw Banana Deep Fry

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POTATO BONDA – Aloo/ Urulaikizhangu Bonda

POTATO BONDA – Aloo/ Urulaikizhangu Bonda Potato Bonda is one of the common tea time snack in many house. It is also a famous street food in south india. It is easy to prepare this bonda. You can serve it as a snack for friends and relatives. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as kids snack, appertizer,…… Continue reading POTATO BONDA – Aloo/ Urulaikizhangu Bonda